Mike is proud to have the support of his colleagues and partners in elected office, leading environmental organizations, the police officers, firefighters and paramedics who keep our streets safe and more than 900 neighbors and community leaders from every neighborhood of the Westside

Mayor Eric Garcetti
Congressman Ted Lieu
Congressmember Maxine Waters

Congressmember Karen Bass
Supervisor Sheila Kuehl
Supervisor Janice Hahn

State Senator Ben Allen
State Assemblymember Richard Bloom

State Assemblymember Sebastian Ridley-Thomas
State Assemblymember Autumn Burke
The Sierra Club
Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project, Los Angeles
Los Angeles County Democratic Party

Pacific Palisades Democratic Club
West LA Democratic Club

Westchester/Playa Democratic Club
League of Humane Voters, California Chapter
Los Angeles Police Protective League
United Fire Fighters of Los Angeles City
National Union of Healthcare Workers

Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters (LALCV)
Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund
Bike the Vote L.A.
New Frontier Democratic Club
Democrats for Israel, LA

LAX Area Chamber of Commerce
Central City Association
Equality California
Unite HERE Local 11
Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce
Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
Service Employees International Union, 721
AFSCME District Council 36
Los Angeles County Young Democrats
Americans for Democratic Action, Southern California
Abundant Housing Los 

Community Leaders and Neighbors

Aaron Spohn, Westchester

Adam Corey, Mar Vista

Adam Wolman, Pacific Palisades

Adine Forman, Brentwood

Adrienne Omansky, West LA/Sawtelle

Agnes Russo, Mar Vista

Aiman Shawaf, Mar Vista

Al Rosen, Brentwood

Alan Artim, Playa del Rey

Alan Bail, Mar Vista

Alan Mabry, Playa Vista

Albert Olson, Mar Vista

Alessandra Carlino, Venice

Alexander Stowell, Venice

Alice Park, Mar Vista

Alicia Good, Del Rey

Alicia Reyes, West LA/Sawtelle

Alison Kerr, West LA/Sawtelle

Amanda Richter, Playa Vista

Ammini Abraham, Brentwood

Amy Robertson, Mar Vista

Anais Kelly, Westchester

Andrea Halperin, Brentwood

Andrea Roth, Brentwood

Andreas Klute, Playa del Rey

Andres Avalos, Venice

Andrew Basmajian, Del Rey

Andrew Plotkin, Westchester

Andrew Steinberg, West LA/Sawtelle

Andrew Weissman, Del Rey

Andrew Wolfberg, Santa Monica Canyon

Andy Inkeles, Westchester

Angel Rafael Negrón Jr, Westchester

Angelina Schneider, Mar Vista

Angeline Bray, Venice

Angie McCartney, Playa del Rey

Anita Abascal, Westchester

Ann Colburn, Brentwood

Ann Ghilardi, Westchester

Ann Gianopulos, Brentwood

Ann Harter, Pacific Palisades

Anna Kozma West, LA/Sawtelle

Annabel Rogan, Brentwood

Anne Parker, Venice

Anne Sato, West LA/Sawtelle

Anne Taylor, Mar Vista

Anne-Marie McHugh, Mar Vista

Ans Egthuysen, Mar Vista

Anthony Dukes, Mar Vista

Anthony Iglesias, Playa del Rey

Anthony Meza, Mar Vista

Anthony Russo, Del Rey

Anton Acherman, Westchester

April DeStefano, Del Rey

April Peterson, Mar Vista

Ari Chazanas, Brentwood

Ari Rubin, Venice

Arianne Neumark, West LA/Sawtelle

Arlene Halper, Pacific Palisades

Arnie Wishnick, Pacific Palisades

Arnold Maeda, Mar Vista

Art Gardner, Mar Vista

Arthur Antolick, Mar Vista

Arthur Valner, Brentwood

Ashleigh DiTonto, Venice

Augusto Mariano, Venice

Aya Goldberg, Brentwood

Ayako Masada, West LA/Sawtelle

Bahaa Mikhail, Mar Vista

Barbara Ford, Westchester

Barbara Heitz, Brentwood

Barry Gribbon, Playa del Rey

Barry Maiten, Pacific Palisades

Bernie Schiffer, Brentwood

Bert Ball, Playa Vista

Berta Zwang, Brentwood

Beth Hagenlocker, Venice

Beth Holden,-Garland Venice

Beth Preminger, Pacific Palisades

Bev Rowe, West LA/Sawtelle

Beverly Yahata, West LA/Sawtelle

Bill Ballerini, Westchester

Bill Koontz, Mar Vista

Bill Nusd, Brentwood

Bill Scheding, Mar Vista

Bill Simon, Pacific Palisades

Bob Fitzpatrick, Mar Vista

Bob Hughes, Playa del Rey

Bob Kailes, Playa del Rey

Bob Ramsdall, Pacific Palisades

Bobby Danelski, Venice

Booker Pearson, Playa del Rey

Brad Neal, Mar Vista

Bradley Mindlin, Brentwood

Bradley Zacuto, Playa del Rey

Brady McShane, Pacific Palisades

Brandon Schneider, Mar Vista

Brent Hall, Pacific Palisades

Brian Maeda, West LA/Sawtelle

Brian Silveira, Venice

Bristol Posatko, Mar Vista

Bruce Christopher Carr, Pacific Palisades

Bruce Jugan, Brentwood

Bruce Newberg Brentwood

Bruce Schelden, Playa del Rey

Bruce Schwartz, Pacific Palisades

Caleb Crainer, Mar Vista

Candace Blankenship, Westchester

Candy Bubar, West LA/Sawtelle

Cara Robin, Westchester

Carla Grose, Westchester

Carmel Christian, Brentwood

Carol Biondi, Brentwood

Carol Tantau, Venice

Cary Gordon, Mar Vista

Cesar Cuevas, Mar Vista

Chaplain DOV Cohen, West LA/Sawtelle

Charles Sims, Brentwood

Charlie Kaplan, Pacific Palisades

Cheryl Walker, Venice

Chris Ahearn, Rustic Canyon

Chris Nevil, Del Rey

Chris Quirarte, Westchester

Chris Schafer, Pacific Palisades

Chris Tilly, Venice

Christian Beltran, Del Rey

Christian Irwin, Pacific Palisades

Christie Smith, Pacific Palisades

Christina Spitz, Pacific Palisades

Christopher Shaffer, West LA/Sawtelle

Christy Nishioka, Mar Vista

Chuck Kahn, Brentwood

Chuck Ray, West LA/Sawtelle

Cindy Simon, Pacific Palisades

Clabe Hartley, Venice

Corey Frey, Mar Vista

Cynthia Michael, Westchester

Damien Newton, West LA/Sawtelle

Damon Premer, West LA/Sawtelle

Dan Martin, West LA/Sawtelle

Dan Moreno, Del Rey

Daniel Abramson, Brentwood

Daniel Osztreicher, West LA/Sawtelle

Daniel Samakow, Venice

Daniel Saparzadeh, Brentwood

Daniel Sharkey, Playa del Rey

Daniel Tenenbaum, Brentwood

Daniele Smith, Venice

Danna Cope, Westchester

Dara Papel, Playa Vista

Darci Niva, Venice

Dave Mannix, Westchester

David Brady, Mar Vista

David Card, Pacific Palisades

David Graham-Caso, Westchester

David Haake, Del Rey

David Herbst, Westchester

David Hertz, Venice

David Hibbert, Pacific Palisades

David Hirsch, Brentwood

David Houston, Pacific Palisades

David Levitus, West LA/Sawtelle

David Murphy, Venice

David Nagel, Beverwood

David Paris, Venice

David Peterson, Pacific Palisades

David Zlotolow, Mar Vista

Dawn Decker, Westchester

Debbie Corlin, Westchester

Debbie Rochlin, Mar Vista

Deborah Cincotta, Brentwood

Deborah Groening, Venice

Deborah Hughes Playa del Rey

Debra Padilla, Venice

Debra Warfel, Pacific Palisades

DeDe Audet, Venice

Demetrios Mavromichaelis, Del Rey

Denise Melas, Pacific Palisades

Denise Sample, Westchester

Dennis Hathaway, Venice

Dennis Hernandez, Westchester

Denny Schneider, Westchester

Derek Walker, Del Rey

Diane Barretti, Westchester

Diane Huffman, Brentwood

Dianna Tate, Mar Vista

Dianne Callahan, Playa del Rey

Dick Heiser, Westchester

Dick Littlestone, Pacific Palisades

Dj Neff, Mar Vista

Dodi Fromson, Brentwood

Don Duckworth, Westchester

Donald Novack, Venice

Doris Littlestone, Pacific Palisades

Dotti Child, Playa del Rey

Doug Suisman, Pacific Palisades

Douglas MacLellan, Playa del Rey

Dr. S. Scott Mayers, Venice

Duc Nguyen, Playa Vista

Earl Goldberg, Brentwood

Ed Hieronymus, Pacific Palisades

Eddie Arias, Venice

Eddie Bubar, West LA/Sawtelle

Edizen Stowell, Venice

Eduardo Manilla, Venice

Edward Costello, Pacific Palisades

Edward Renwick, Brentwood

Edward Saraffian, Brentwood

Efua Paul, Del Rey

Eleanor Pelcyger, Brentwood

Elin Schwartz, Brentwood

Elise Slifkin-McClure, Playa del Rey

Elizabeth Dunkelberger, Brentwood

Elizabeth Leicester, Del Rey

Elizabeth Reego, Pacific Palisades

Elizabeth Williams, Del Rey

Elizabeth Wright, Marina Del Rey

Elizabeth Zaillian, Pacific Palisades

Elizabeth Zamora, Del Rey

Ellen Klein, Westchester

Ellen Korak, Venice

Ellen Ledley, Del Rey

Eloy Mendez, Venice

Emily Mayer, Pacific Palisades

Emily Winters, Venice

Eric Desobe, Del Rey

Eric Nakamura, West LA/Sawtelle

Eric Paulson, Venice

Erika Egan, Brentwood

Erika Feresten, Pacific Palisades

Ernest Frankel, Brentwood

Ernest Hammond III, West LA/Sawtelle

Ernesto Pantoja, Playa Vista

Erwin Sokol, Venice

Esther Warschaw, West LA/Sawtelle

Ethel Oderberg, Mar Vista

Evelyn Wendel, Pacific Palisades

Everett Alexander, Venice

Florine Sikking, Brentwood

Fortina Orozco, Del Rey

Frances Sharpe, Pacific Palisades

Francine Solomon, Venice

Francine Weiss, Brentwood

Francisco Letelier, Venice

Frank Biondi, Brentwood

Frank Dudley, Brentwood

Frank Langen, Pacific Palisades

Fred Huffman, Brentwood

Fred Sutton, West LA/Sawtelle

Fumiaki Usuki, West LA/Sawtelle

Gabrielle D’Addario, Playa Vista

Gareth Egan, Brentwood

Garrett Smith, Westchester

Garrison Key, Venice

Gary Freedman, Brentwood

Gary Shafner, Venice

Gene Massey, Brentwood

Geneen Estrada, Del Rey

Geoff Maleman, Westchester

George Adeff, Westchester

George Francisco, Venice

George Linder, Brentwood

George Sears, Westchester

George Wolfberg, Pacific Palisades

Ger-Bei Lee, West LA/Sawtelle

Gilberto Ruiz, Venice

Gilda Grossman, Brentwood

Glenda Silva, Playa Vista

Grace Yao, Westchester

Graciela Huth, Westchester

Grant Francis, Venice

Grant Turck, Venice

Greg Dina-Pham, Westchester

Greg Ericksen, West LA/Sawtelle

Greg Good, Del Rey

Greg Laemmle, West LA/Sawtelle

Greg Rishe, Santa Monica Canyon

Greg Tedesco, Mar Vista

Gregg Aniolek, Playa del Rey

Gretchen Lightfoot, Pacific Palisades

Gus Malkoun, Pacific Palisades

Gwen Vuchsas, Playa del Rey

Haldis Toppel, Pacific Palisades

Hank Ieamoto, West LA/Sawtelle

Heide Jenkins, Del Rey

Heidi Lemmon, Venice

Helen Coyne-Hoerle, Marina Del Rey

Helen Sklar, Mar Vista

Henry Burnett, Brentwood

Henry Mendoza, Del Rey

Herb Child, Playa del Rey

Howard Butler, Pacific Palisades

Howard Pollack, Mar Vista

Paul Scheer, Mar Vista

Ian Kavanaugh, West LA/Sawtelle

Ingrid Flintoft, Westchester

Ira Waldman, Playa del Rey

Jack Berlin, Playa del Rey

Jack Fujimoto, West LA/Sawtelle

Jackie Hesley, Playa del Rey

Jackie Lloyd-Cortinas, West LA/Sawtelle

Jackie Raymond, Brentwood

Jacquie St James, Westchester

James B. Sikking, Brentwood

James Evans, Venice

James Lyall, Mar Vista

James Rosenblum, Brentwood

James Wiatt, Pacific Palisades

Jan Book, Playa Vista

Jane Crist, Pacific Palisades

Jane Harman, Venice

Jane Jackson, Brentwood

Jane Paul, Mar Vista

Jane St. John, Playa del Rey

Janice Roosevelt Gerard, Ph.D., Brentwood

Janice Tarr, Brentwood

Janice Whiffen, Playa del Rey

Jasmine Hale, Playa del Rey

Jason Richter, Playa Vista

Jataun Valentine, Venice

Jay Handal, Brentwood

Jean F. Cohen, Mar Vista

Jean Gitlin, Brentwood

Jean Leserman, Brentwood

Jeanne Kuntz, Mar Vista

Jeff Dermer, Westchester

Jeffrey Solomon, Venice

Jennifer Hooper, Westchester

Jenny Jones, Venice

Jerilynn Kacena, Westchester

Jerry Hornof, Mar Vista

Jerry Koyama, Westchester

Jessica Sokol, Venice

Jessyca Avalos, Venice

Jill Grossbard, Playa del Rey

Jim Davis, Playa del Rey

Jim Kennedy, Playa del Rey

Jim Lamm, Mar Vista

Jim McDermott, Brentwood

Jim Mooore, Del Rey

Jim Rich, Venice

Jim Suhr, Pacific Palisades

Jim Vuchsas, Playa del Rey

Joan Bloodogood, Playa del Rey

Joan Dasteel, Brentwood

Joan Ling, Mar Vista

Joan Temple, Mar Vista

Joann Smith, Brentwood

Joe Halper, Pacific Palisades

Joe Trojan Marina, Peninsula

John B. Owens, Westchester

John Binder, Mandeville Canyon

John David Webster, Westchester

John Drinker, Westchester

John Gregory, Playa del Rey

John Hughes, Playa del Rey

John Posatsko, Mar Vista

John Tallichet, Westchester

Joleen Kelley, Westchester

Jonathan Kessler, Venice

Jonathan Verk, Mar Vista

Jonathon Neumann, Del Rey

Jordan Kerner, Brentwood

Jorge Flores, West LA/Sawtelle

Joseph Czyzyk, Westchester

Joseph Gantman, Brentwood

Joseph Soto, Venice

Joseph Treves, Mar Vista

Josephine Alvarado, Del Rey

Josh Maunu, Brentwood

Joshua Jones, Westchester

Joyce Brunelle, Pacific Palisades

Joyce Hymand, Pacific Palisades

Joyce Meyerson, Westchester

Judith Adelson, Brentwood

Judith Goldman, Venice

Judy Aaronson, Brentwood

Judy Baca, Venice

Judy Deutsch, Mar Vista

Judy Kann, West LA/Sawtelle

Judy Okita, West LA/Sawtelle

Judy Stuart, Brentwood

Judy Wong, Westchester

Julia Quinn, Mar Vista

Julie Bardin, Pacific Palisades

Julie Ross, Playa del Rey

June Kailes, Playa del Rey

Justin Brehznev, Venice

Justin Yoffe, Del Rey

Kady Hoffman, West LA/Sawtelle

Kami Turrou, Mar Vista

Kara Sutton, West LA/Sawtelle

Karen Berk, Brentwood

Karen Dalby, Brentwood

Karen Dial, Playa del Rey

Karen Kanter, Playa del Rey

Karen Lehman, Venice

Kate Bacon, Brentwood

Katharina LeDuc, Pacific Palisades

Katherine Blair, Brentwood

Kathleen Durbin, Brentwood

Kathleen Flanagan, Brentwood

Kathleen Mertens, Westchester

Kathleen Warner-Mertens, Westchester

Kathleen Yasuda, Del Rey

Kathryn Girard, Del Rey

Kathy Cooley, Playa del Rey

Kathy Schwertfeger, Playa del Rey

Kathy Van Ness, Westchester

Kaye Eshnaur, Mar Vista

Keith Ceely, Mar Vista

Kelly Layne, Venice

Kelsey Howard, Pacific Palisades

Ken Alpern, Mar Vista

Kent Strumpell, Westchester

Kevin Conklin, Westchester

Kevin Graham-Caso, Mar Vista

Kevin Gutierrez, West LA/Sawtelle

Kevin J. Brunk, Del Rey

Kim Clary, Pacific Palisades

Kirsten Bradford, Westchester

Kirsten Danelski, Venice

Kris Moore, Mar Vista

Kristin Kleinjans Mar Vista

Kristin Sherman, Mar Vista

Kristina von Hoffmann, Venice

Kurt Toppel, Pacific Palisades

Lance Williams, Playa del Rey

Larry Frank, Venice

Larry Lynch, Pacific Palisades

Larry Plotkin, Westchester

Lauren Mabry, Playa Vista

Laurie Hasencamp, Pacific Palisades

Laurie Newman, Venice

Laurie Sale, Pacific Palisades

Lawrence Vein, West LA/Sawtelle

Lee West, Pacific Palisades

Leeor Alpern, Brentwood

Leigh Pesqueira, Venice

Lenore French, Mar Vista

Leticia Orozco, Mar Vista

Lew Rothbart, Mar Vista

Lidia Rubinstein, Brentwood

Linda Covette, Brentwood

Linda Daly, Brentwood

Linda Guagliano, Mar Vista

Linda Hoffman, Mar Vista

Linda Kaplan, West LA/Sawtelle

Linda Keston, Brentwood

Linda Mirdamadi, Brentwood

Lindsay Bubar, Westchester

LJ Carusone, Venice

Loren Montgomery, Pacific Palisades

Lori Gilder, Mar Vista

Lori Soroko, Brentwood

Lorraine Wells, Mar Vista

Lucy Han, Playa del Rey

Lycia Naff, Mar Vista

Lynn Wallace, Brentwood

Lynne Paxton, Playa del Rey

Manny Salzman, West LA/Sawtelle

Manuel Monson, West LA/Sawtelle

Marbeth Miceli, West LA/Sawtelle

Marc Buckhantz, Mar Vista

Marc Paul, Del Rey

Marc Saltzberg, Venice

Marcelle Wong, Brentwood

Marcia Hanscom, Playa del Rey

Marco Galindo, Del Rey

Margaret Cummings Hashimoto, Mar Vista

Margie Hanson, Playa del Rey

Margo Montelongo, Playa del Rey

Margot Armbruster, Pacific Palisades

Marianne Talbot, Brentwood

Marianne Tyler, Playa del Rey

Marianne Tyler, Venice

Marie Kennedy, Venice

Marie Lewis, Brentwood

Marie Millman, Mar Vista

Marilyn Krell, Brentwood

Marilyn Wulliger, Pacific Palisades

Mark Ambrose, Del Rey

Mark Armbruster, Pacific Palisades

Mark Collins, Venice

Mark E Pollock, Pacific Palisades

Mark Galanty, Venice

Mark Lehman, Venice

Mark Ludwig, Westchester

Mark Sokol, Venice

Marlene Grossman, Brentwood

Marlene Savage, Del Rey

Marlo Richardson, Playa del Rey

Marshall Grossman, Brentwood

Marta Evry, Venice

Marti Milakovich, Mar Vista

Mary Andres, Venice

Mary Ellen Cassman, Westchester

Mary Hughes, Mar Vista

Mary Jane Ludwig, Westchester

Mary Misono, West LA/Sawtelle

Mary Sidell, Venice

Maryann Fenster, Brentwood

Matt Geller, Venice

Matt Kline, Venice

Matt Mayer, Mar Vista

Max Bean, Mar Vista

Max Kennedy, Pacific Palisades

Maya Kotlov, Playa del Rey

Mayde Rosen, Westchester

Melissa Grant, Pacific Palisades

Melissa Isom, Mar Vista

Melissa Sansevieri, West LA/Sawtelle

Melissa Stoller, Mar Vista

Melissa Sutton, Brentwood

Michael Camunez, Playa Vista

Michael Cusano, West LA/Sawtelle

Michael Goldberg, Venice

Michael Gregory, Santa Monica Canyon

Michael Hall, West LA/Sawtelle

Michael Kapp, West LA/Sawtelle

Michael Keeley, Venice

Michael Millman, Mar Vista

Michael Price, Brentwood

Michael Soneff, Pacific Palisades

MIchael Zuk, Marina Del Rey

Michele Blackmon, Venice

Michele Prince, Brentwood

Michele Sutter, Venice

Michelle Krupkin, Mar Vista

Mike Fong, West LA/Sawtelle

Mike Kelly, Westchester

Mike Lurey, Pacific Palisades

Mike Newhouse, Venice

Mike Russell, Westchester

Mike Stafford, Del Rey

Mike Stanley, Del Rey

Mina Ortiz, Del Rey

Minerva Bouttier, Brentwood

Miriam Muscarolas, Pacific Palisades

Mitchelito Orquiola, Mar Vista

Mitchell Rishe, Mar Vista

Moe Mostashari, West LA/Sawtelle

Mollie Bowling, West LA/Sawtelle

Monica Kahn, Playa del Rey

Murray Fromson, Brentwood

Mylen Benitez, Del Rey

Nadia Yoshioka, Mar Vista

Nancy Franco, Pacific Palisades

Nancy Freedman, Brentwood

Nancy Jacobsen, Brentwood

Natalie Levine, Mar Vista

Nate Kaplan, Pacific Palisades

Nathalie Deschatres, West LA/Sawtelle

Nathalie Herbst, Westchester

Nathan Court, Venice

Natividad Santiago, West LA/Sawtelle

Nick Kislinger, Venice

Nick Melvoin, Brentwood

Nicola Kerner, Brentwood

Nicole Maleman, Westchester

Nikki Legesse, Westchester

Noah Fleishman, Westchester

Noemi Avalos, Venice

Nolan Draves, West LA/Sawtelle

Nora MacLellan, Playa del Rey

Norbert Kubilus, Marina del Rey

Otto Nakano, West LA/Sawtelle

Pam Ponton, Mar Vista

Pascual Orozco, Del Rey

Pastor Lyda Eddington, Westchester

Patricia Grace, Playa del Rey

Patricia Lyon, Playa del Rey

Patrick Butler, Westchester

Patrick O’Heffernan, Mar Vista

Patti Giggans, Del Rey

Patty Lancaster, Brentwood

Paul Callinan, Westchester

Paul Fig Fegen, West LA/Sawtelle

Paul Glasgall, Brentwood

Paul Hechmer, Westchester

Paul Kasick, Brentwood

Paul Pollock, West LA/Sawtelle

Paula Daniels, Brentwood

Paula Lumbard, Venice

Pauline Maturo, Mar Vista

Peggy Moore, Venice

Perry Seiwert, Del Rey

Peter Scolney, Pacific Palisades

Phil Recht, Brentwood

Philippa Orecklin, Brentwood

Philippe Browning, Mar Vista

Phyllis Hayabashira, West LA/Sawtelle

Phyllis Horning, Playa Vista

Priscilla Sommer, Marina del Rey

Rachel Almo, Mar Vista

Rachel Horning, Westchester

Rachel Kesting, Playa del Rey

Rachel Stich, Venice

Rae Jeane Williams, Pacific Palisades

Raleigh Reich, Del Rey

Ram Williams, Del Rey

Randy Freeman, Mar Vista

Randy Frey, Mar Vista

Randy Johnson, Playa Vista

Raphael Von Rache, Del Rey

Raymond Ballard, Westchester

Raymond Klein, Brentwood

Regina Weller, Venice

Rei Yoshioka, Mar Vista

Renae Paonessa, Del Rey

Renata Landres, Brentwood

Renate Hild Westchester

Renee Luskin Brentwood

Reza Akef, Pacific Palisades

Rich Wilken, Pacific Palisades

Richard Blumenberg, Pacific Palisades

Richard Harmel, Marina del Rey

Richard Reece, Del Rey

Richard Wafer, Mar Vista

Richard Wulliger, Pacific Palisades

Rick Caruso, Brentwood

Rick Hughes, Playa del Rey

Rika van Dam, Marina del Rey

Rob Kadota, Mar Vista

Robert Acherman, Westchester

Robert Brown, Mar Vista

Robert Dalton, Westchester

Robert Harter, Pacific Palisades

Robert Jernigan, Pacific Palisades

Robert Merrill, Mar vista

Robert Nolan, Playa del Rey

Robert Rene, Brentwood

Robert Singer, Del Rey

Robert Sutton, Brentwood

Roberta Conroy, Rustic Canyon

Robin Doyno-Sklar, Mar Vista

Robin Messick, West LA/Sawtelle

Robin Murez, Venice

Roleen Heimann, Mar Vista

Ron Kato, Del Rey

Ron Papell, Brentwood

Rose Honda, West LA/Sawtelle

Rosie Steingold, Westchester

Rowena Ake, Westchester

Roy Persinko, Mar Vista

Ruth Lansford, Playa del Rey

Ryland Engelhart, Venice

Saeed Ali, Mar Vista

Safika Erselcuk, Del Rey

Sally Howell, Brentwood

Sam Frank, West LA/Sawtelle

Sam Lagana, Pacific Palisades

Sam Yadegar, Brentwood

Samantha Caldwell, Pacific Palisades

Sandie West, Marina Peninsula

Sandra Ray, West LA/Sawtelle

Sandra Rygel, Brentwood

Sandy Goldfarb, Mar Vista

Sandy Mayer, Mar Vista

Sara Maunu, Brentwood

Sara Nichols, Brentwood

Sara Partovi, West LA/Sawtelle

Sara Stern, Brentwood

Sarah Auerswald, Mar VIsta

Sarah Pillsbury, Venice

Sarah Portnoy, Mar Vista

Saree Kayne-Gregory, Brentwood

Sasha King, Mar Vista

Scott Carni, Playa del Rey

Scott Corwin, Pacific Palisades

Scott Dellinger, Del Rey

Scott MacGillivray, Brentwood

Seaf Hartley, Venice

Sean Arian, Mar Vista

Seymour Kahn, Playa del Rey

Shahab Ghods, West LA/Sawtelle

Sharon Commins, Mar Vista

Sharon Kilbride, Pacific Palisades

Shawn Papazian, Westchester

Sheila Goldberg, Venice

Sheila Mickelson, Westchester

Sheila Rosendahl, Westchester

Sheldon Wolf, Brentwood

Sherman Rosen, Westchester

Sherri Akers, Mar Vista

Sherrie Berlin, Playa del Rey

Shirin Laor-Raz Salemnia, Brentwood

Shirley Kory, Brentwood

Shirley Sher, Westchester

Sonia Santiago, Del Rey

Spencer Greene, Playa del Rey

Stacey Cochrane, Playa del Rey

Staci Boggeri, Mar Vista

Staci Weiss, Mar Vista

Stacy Nonoguchi, West LA/Sawtelle

Stan Hoffman, Mar Vista

Stephen Boskin, Mar Vista

Stephen Drimmer, Brentwood

Stephen Nitzberg, Brentwood

Steve Bott, West LA/Sawtelle

Steve Clare, Venice

Steve Cron, Pacific Palisades

Steve Frankel, Playa del Rey

Steve Hyman, Marina Peninsula

Steve Levigni, Venice

Steven Boyerd, Pacific Palisades

Steven Means, Playa Vista

Steven Schulman, Brentwood

Stuart Muller, Pacific Palisades

Sue Herdzina, Westchester

Sue Kohl, Pacific Palisades

Sunny Bak, Venice

Susan Bowling, Playa del Rey

Susan Corwin, Pacific Palisades

Susan Haskell, Pacific Palisades

Susan Hirsch, Brentwood

Susan Hirschkoff, Mar Vista

Susan Jerich, Brentwood

Susan Lindau, Brentwood

Susan Oakley, Pacific Palisades

Susan Scheding, Mar Vista

Susan Silver, Brentwood

Susan Stockel, Brentwood

Susan Tribiano, Pacific Palisades

Susan Ward, Westchester

Susan Zolla, Playa del Rey

Suzanne Figdor, Del Rey

Suzanne Madison Goldstein, Pacific Palisades

Suzanne Thompson, Venice

Suzanne Zorkocy, Westchester

Tania Bradkin, West LA/Sawtelle

Tatjana Luethi, Mar Vista

Taunya van der Steen-Mizel, Brentwood

Ted Grose, Westchester

Ted Mico, Venice

Teri Redman Kahn, Brentwood

Teri Simpson, Pacific Palisades

Teri Solomon, Brentwood

Terumi Toyoshima, Mar Vista

The Rev. James Newman, Mar Vista

Thea Hartley, Venice

Theo Swerissen, West LA/Sawtelle

Thierry LeDuc, Pacific Palisades

Thomas Croyle, Brentwood Glen

Thomas Flintoft, Westchester

Tim Byk, Brentwood

Tina Caruso, Brentwood

Tokiko Miyashiro, Venice

Tom Bagamane, Brentwood

Tom Chesney, Westchester

Tom Creed, Pacific Palisades

Tom Donovan, West LA/Sawtelle

Tom Gilder, Mar Vista

Tom Ponton, Mar Vista

Tom Rosendahl, Westchester

Tom Safran, Brentwood

Toni Reinis, Marina Del Rey

Toni Wolf, Westchester

Tony Antoci, Brentwood

Tony Talbot, Brentwood

Tracy Throwers Conyers, Westchester

Travis Dina-Pham, Westchester

Trevor Daley, Playa Vista

Valarie Dudley, Westchester

Valeria Velasco, Playa del Rey

Valerie Yoshimura, Brentwood

Vanessa Tellez, Playa Vista

Vera Abrams, Westchester

Victoria Kennedy, Pacific Palisades

Vince Roncone, West LA/Sawtelle

Vince Wong, Del Rey

Virginia Ernst, West LA/Sawtelle

Wade Huie, Del Rey

Wally Miller, Pacific Palisades

Warren Adler, Venice

Wendy Lopez, Mar Vista

Wes Farrow, Del Rey

William Roberts, Westchester

William Scheding, Mar Vista

Yolanda Bergman, Brentwood

Yuval Chiprut, Venice

Yuvi Ceely, Mar Vista

Zach James, Venice